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Role of the Home Funeral Guide

This definition was created by the National Home Funeral Alliance.

The role of a home funeral guide is to educate and empower families to exercise the innate right of caring for their own dead. This is also our mission.

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Home funeral guides do not seek to conduct the after-death care themselves. Home funeral guides believe that after-death care is most meaningful when carried out by family and friends of the deceased. Home funeral guides, therefore, seek to minimize the involvement of anyone other than family and friends in after-death care. They are guides and not directors.

Fees levied in exchange for the education and empowerment of families or for ministerial services are in accordance with time invested and are in keeping with the fair business practice of fair compensation for services rendered.

Home funeral guides are advocates for family-centered and family-led funerals. They speak in favor of protecting those rights. They impart the knowledge that families may need in order to be able to exercise that innate right of caring for their own dead. Home funeral guides also educate on the benefits of the home funeral.

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