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Documents Required by Crematories

Here are the five documents that you must give to the crematory if you are bringing the body there yourselves and doing the paperwork.

Death Certificate Fax Attestation

Obtain this document from the Primary Care Doctor if the doctor is not in the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS). If the doctor is in the EDRS, then he/she will enter the appropriate information electronically to be accessed by the town clerk.

Now a family member goes to the Town Clerk in the town where the death occurred. Take the Death Certificate Fax Attestation if the doctor gave you a paper copy. At the Town Clerk's office the family fills out an "Informant Worksheet" so the Clerk has the necessary biographical information of the deceased to input into the electronic system. Then he/she will give you:

Burial/Transit Permit

Death Certificate Attestation

Meanwhile, the family obtains from the crematory:

Authority to Cremate

The crematory may be able to tell you where to download a blank form online. Fill this out and have the next-of-kin sign it.

Finally, the crematory needs proof that the Medical Examiner's fee has been paid:

Medical Examiner's Certificate

Find out from the crematory the name of their medical examiner. Then go online to http://­, put in all the information, and pay $100. You will get a receipt immediately by email with a number on it. Take that receipt with you to the crematory.

If you have any problems with this step, call Steven Lancaster at the Medical Examiner's Financial Office at 617-267-6767 x 2227. He is a wonderful and helpful man.

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