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Peaceful Passage at Home: Home Funeral Guides and Educators
providing services in Central and Eastern MA

Peg Lorenz founded Peaceful Passage at Home in 2009. In the years since she has provided educational presentations to communities, educated families about home funerals, and assisted with many home funerals, home wakes, and vigils. Over the years Peg began to be approached by various individuals wanting to bring these services to their own communities. These women came from all backgrounds with many gifts and talents, some having helped their own loved ones at the end of life. They are drawn to this work and feel a deep and heartfelt commitment to providing this unique service to families and communities. In May of 2016 a small group calling themselves “Home Funeral Friends” began meeting regularly and being trained by Peg. They have been educating themselves and each other, practicing their skills and providing services.

This group has now stepped forward actively and affirmatively as home funeral guides and educators to be resources to those needing home funeral information and services. Peaceful Passage at Home has now expanded to include this new energy. This expansion has allowed Peaceful Passage at Home to offer services to more communities in the area where these guides live and work.

We all deserve choices. The death of a loved one is one of the most important moments of our lives. We are dedicated to educating people about their choices and to bringing back the tradition of home-based after death care.

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