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Services for Families

Consultations with Families — 1 to 2 hours

We support families by offering educational consultations prior to the death of a loved one. This time is devoted to helping families create their own plans for after-death care. We strongly recommend that the family and others who will be involved in the care meet with a home funeral guide to have their questions and concerns answered. Families and friends report a feeling of relief when a plan has been made and various tasks and roles identified. We request a minimal honorarium for these consultations to ensure we can continue to provide these valuable services. We never turn a family away due to inability to offer the full honorarium. Your home funeral guide will discuss this with you.

At the time of Death

If the family feels they need more support, we will be present for a period of time directly after the death. One of us will guide the family through the care of the body, washing, dressing, moving (if necessary), and positioning the frozen gel packs. Usually after two or three hours the body has been laid in honor and the family begins the vigil.

Throughout the Vigil

We will be available by phone and email for any questions or concerns that may arise. We will visit again at the request of the family.

There is no fee for the services provided at the time of death and throughout the vigil. To continue to be able to provide these important services we do appreciate donations whenever possible.

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